Contacting the BIA office?
Raechel Reed, Communications and Administrative Coordinator

A: 516 E. Victoria Ave. Thunder Bay On P7C 1A7
P: (807)623-3355
Office Hours: Monday– Friday 10:00am – 3:00pm

When body fluids are present on roadways, lanes and sidewalks?
Please contact the City of Thunder Bay dispatcher to initiate a cleanup response for blood, vomit, urine and excrement.   Call (807) 625-2195, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When street or traffic lights are not operational?
Roads Division of the City of Thunder Bay maintains and upgrades the traffic control and street lighting systems in our City. Damaged, knocked down or missing traffic signs/signals should be reported IMMEDIATELY. Street lights are a vital part of nighttime safety. For Street Light repair contact Infrastructure & Operations Dispatch at (807) 625-2195.

When experiencing criminal activity or property vandalism? Call 911 for assistance
Additionally, we have the Eye on the Street Video Surveillance, which is a community public safety initiative in the City of Thunder Bay. In November 2005, the City of Thunder Bay established a video surveillance program with 16 cameras in 12 locations in the  Downtown areas. The system is managed by the Manager of Central Support for the Infrastructure & Operations Department.
You can email or contact the City’s Clerk Dispatcher at (807) 625-2195.

Community Policing is an enforcement and prevention model designed to deliver a focused response to crime and disorder issues in our city.

Beat Patrol – This is a community driven program which reduces the barriers between police and the public. It’s a more personalized approach that has proven to be very popular with the community.  The officers patrol the area on foot and will deal with the issues they encounter right away.

Where are unloading zones located?
The Parking Authority – Operating eighteen off-street parking lots and three parking structures, as well as 1600 metered on-street parking spaces. Enforcement helps to ensure that motorists follow parking restrictions established for traffic safety, traffic flow, street maintenance, parking turnover and the convenience of residents.
Call Dispatcher for parking and unloading zone info 684-2195

Which By-Laws apply to me?
Licensing & Enforcement – Bylaws are local rules and regulations set out by Council. The Licensing & Enforcement Division enforces by-laws pertaining to property standards, yard maintenance, zoning, signs, fences, dangerous trees, among others. Other City departments are responsible for enforcing by-laws within their area of jurisdiction. Licensing & Enforcement 625-2710

When are Permits needed?
Building, Planning & Committee of Adjustments Permits are required from the City as follows: Building, Change of Use, Demolition, Plumbing, Renovation, etc.. The permit must be obtained before starting any work. Call 625-2574/625-2575

Who maintains Roads & Sidewalks?
Infrastructure & Operations covers many areas of city services to businesses and residents. They maintain, inspect and carry out regular maintenance activities on roads and bridges, traffic control signage/marking systems and drainage works within City boundaries to provide a safe, efficient and reliable transportation system. 684-2195

Parking Meter Occupancy?
If you are having problems with vehicles occupying a parking meter for periods longer than 2 hours outside your business, it can be reported to the Parking Authority for enforcement immediately by calling 625-2370

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