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Elections George Saarinen

George Saarinen- for Trustee Lakehead Public Schools 

1.Businesses are frequently the targets of crime and on the front line dealing with societal problems in the area; what steps do you think should be taken to ensure businesses are protected and our community is safer to explore, shop, work and play in. 

I have previously lived on Cumming Street for over 20 years. My youngest  daughter  worked at the Arena Concessions and was chased home with threat of being attacked and beat up the girls that chased her home were looking for smokes and money to buys smokes  My front door was kicked in a couple of times due to the fact that I had a booze can  Bootlegger living and operating next door for many years   There was a drug house on the corner of Cummings and McKenzie where the school bus was picking up High School Students   I had to go to court witnessing abuse of a couple she came down from the north with a frozen goose and he attempted to beat he with the frozen goose  she ran to my front door for protection.

I would like to see  Neighborhood Police walking the streets and business areas several times a day  Getting to know your Neighborhood Officers  would be  great  Enlist  Volunteers to do street patrol during the evening  to ensure  the young people are not drinking or doing drugs  Have  neighborhood patrols  for the residential neighborhood  talking to you and your neighbors and helping them with issues that arise   Having the Thunder Bay  Police  the Drug Strategy  Shelter House and Street Patrols working together to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the neighborhood  residents and business owners.

  1. What is your impression of the Fort William Business community? What is one thing that is done well and what is one thing that needs to improve?

The Fort William Business Community has taken a shit kicking with COVID 19 and business closures. I would like to see the City of Thunder Bay offer more grants for renovations to existing buildings to lease rent for business owners to set up shop.  Reducing business taxes and property taxes would help the Business Community.

  1. With the revitalization of downtown Fort William project underway there is no planned community center for the area after the project is completed. Victoriaville provided an important and safe gathering place. What   vision do you have to recreate a similar environment for community connectivity? 

The City of Thunder Bay needs to invest in the downtown south side core.  With the removal of Victoriaville there are many options to make that site a friendly safe inviting community gardens and recreational areas for everyone. Victoriaville was the anchor holding the south side together, making safe places for the neighborhood families and businesses to enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner is key to keeping the area. This new community center will be used, days evenings and weekends with the support of Thunder Bay Police

George Saarinen- Running for Trustee Lakehead Public Schools

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