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Elections Greg Johnsen

Greg Johnsen- Neebing Candidate


1.Businesses are frequently the targets of crime and on the front line dealing with societal problems in the area; what steps do you think should be taken to ensure businesses are protected and our community is safer to explore, shop, work and play in.

  1. I would like to work with our city’s Net Zero Strategy organizers. The bulk of my campaign is about pushing walking and biking trails that connect the community. I believe that we should continue to push for our city to turn from a vehicle driven to a more accessible access theme in order to build and highlight a community based infrastructure. I believe this can help with the issue and add to the aesthetics of our business core.


  1. What is your impression of the Fort William Business community? What is one thing that is done well and what is one thing that needs to improve?

I believe the community is a passionate, hardworking, and positive space for our community. See my above answer for the second part of the question.


  1. With the revitalization of downtown Fort William project underway there is no planned community center for the area after the project is completed. Victoriaville provided an important and safe gathering place. What vision do you have to recreate a similar environment for community connectivity? 

I believe we should turn this over to the community itself. By providing an open space with facilities, the community will be able to deliver the type of vision that deem important. Some ideas may include a farmers market, a place for artists, skate park and winter activities, etc.

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